Who is behind Diverge?

Many subscribers know me personally but for those who do not: My name is Anne Pinder, originally from central Iowa, I’ve lived in Spain more than 30 years - that is rounded down and is more than half my life. (insert smile-wink emoji). After too many years in office jobs I had a now or never career change moment: turning my favorite hobbies of walking and hiking plus my love of history and quirky trivia into a small travel business, doing cultural walking tours in Madrid and longer walks around the country. It’s a lot of fun, though concentrating on that put my other love - writing - on a back burner. Now with a slower moment in the world of travel, I’m starting to write again, this newsletter and more which I will share as time goes on.

How did Diverge happen?

As part of the walking tours in Madrid business, several years ago I had a newsletter for Madrid locals, with news about the city and Spain at large, as well as some cultural commentary. Life happened and that newsletter went on the far-back burner. Now life has happened again, and with time to write, starting an updated version of the newsletter, still with some travel news but probably with more cultural commentary. The name Diverge? Check out the first newsletter to learn how that name happened.

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Exploring other paths. Lots though not all about Spain.


Native Iowan, longtime resident in Spain. Walker, biker, reader, writer. Ever-curious about almost everything.